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Lloyd’s Register Romania – eveniment online dedicat industriei NUCLEARE!

Nuclear safety is of highest importance and therefore a safety culture needs to be in place throughout the whole nuclear supply chain.

There has been growing concern over the possible infiltration of counterfeit, fraudulent and suspect items (CFSIs) entering the nuclear supply chain in recent years. Potential hazards posed by the infiltration of CFIs and the long life of civil nuclear facilities, highlights the importance of reliability and quality of products within the supply chain.

ISO 19443, the new international quality management standard is designed to improve safety in the nuclear industry providing a clear set of requirements to those entering the supply chain.

In this webinar our experts address nuclear supply chain challenges, and how organisations prevent and detect CFSI, and reduce operational and supply chain impacts.

Key topics:
• The Risks of CFSI and how to identify dangerous goods and services
• Nuclear safety culture
• ISO 19443

Data eveniment: 09 Martie

Pentru inregistrare eveniment, accesati acest LINK.

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